Applied. Ballistic. Film.

Protection Without Replacement

You have options. In this day of fear, insecurity, and anger, many businesses are considering bullet-resistant glazing for the first time. A quick trip around cyberspace and you will find our competition with claims of majic pixie-dust and chemical bonding. Stick with Applied Ballistic Film(r) and you will get independently verified, proven results.

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Convenience Stores

These stores are convenient for shoppers and thieves alike. Applied Ballistic Film can offer cost-effective protection to the whole store where so-called bulletproof glass only protects the employee behind the register.

Government Facilities

Whether the FBI headquarters or your local post office, government facilities are unfortunate targets for armed attackers. Applied Ballistic Film can be installed on your building without interrupting your tenants.

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The Right Level of Protection

At ABF we recognize that your consideration of bullet-resistant glazing is driven by your specification. If you need protection for a 50-caliber you need to be considering a remove-and-replace solution. However, if you need protection from a 9mm or other common street weapon, ABF has inexpensive solutions that have been independently tested: